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Panorama City, CA Real Estate

Are you looking at homes for sale in Panorama City, CA? This area is a good choice if you enjoy small-town vibes and a calmer environment but don’t want to abandon the big city’s comforts.


Panorama City is a great neighborhood to live in Los Angeles. It was one of the first planned communities in the San Fernando Valley. It was developed as an effect of the housing boom after the Second World War.

With its proximity to downtown Los Angeles, Panorama City is a good and affordable location for people who need to commute to work. Locals can use Metro and LADOT bus services to travel to work. However, sometimes having a car can increase the comfort of living in this area.

Panorama City neighbors the San Fernando Valley communities of Arleta, North Hills, Pacoima, Sun Valley, and Van Nuys.


Panorama City has a young and diverse population of 68,306, with over half of the people born abroad. Small, single-family homes are the most popular here. The cost of properties is lower than in other parts of Los Angeles, so it’s a perfect location for those looking to buy their first house.


This neighborhood is considered rather safe. The crime rate is lower in most cases than the national one. However, residents say that there are plenty of police patrolling the area.

Local people create a good community that respects each other’s privacy yet is ready to help if needed.


Locals can enjoy the Panorama Recreation Center. It has an auditorium, a baseball diamond, a lighted basketball court, an indoor gymnasium, and a tennis court. Kids can play in the playground with slides and swings. There are also picnic tables, perfect for spending a nice time outdoors.

Panorama City also has other perks. Residents enjoy coffee shops with local vibes and a variety of very affordable restaurants.

There are twelve public and two private schools, including elementary and middle schools. Access to health care is pretty easy, as Panorama City has a public hospital and medical center and one private hospital. Mission Community Hospital offers adult emergency rooms, medical services, surgeries, and psychiatric assistance.

With discount stores such as Walmart, the Panorama Mall provides residents with easy and fast access to all they need. Plenty of local stores also offer various products and services.